Jesus is Here / Thank You

Search my heart
Take what isn’t Yours
All I want
Is to bring You glory
You’re my Hope
And my Refuge
I run to You
You protect me
Thank You Lord
For all You’ve done
Freedom reigns
Liberty has come
Burdens lifted
Hearts made anew
No other Name
Is like Jesus
Above all
Mighty King
Every knee bow
Every mouth confess
Jesus is Lord
Jesus is Here
He’s in our midst
Jesus is Here
He’s healing you now
Jesus is Here
He’s rebuilding lives
Jesus is Here
His love is all around
Jesus is Here
He’s never left our side
Jesus we adore You
We magnify You
We thank You
Thank You for the Cross
Thank You for the Blood
Thank You for the Stripes
Thank You for Your life
Thank You for the victory
Thank You for Your Grace
Thank You for Your love
Jesus thank You
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