Leveling Up

Every word I hear from You
I store in my heart
Every truth You reveal 
I keep it in my mind 

I’m gaining experience points 
To level up my walk to be closer to You
My skill tree is increasing in stature
I’m learning how to use the gifts and talents You’ve so graciously given me
Everything that You have for me 
Requires a certain maturity level
I’m determined to get as far as I can 
I will conquer my heart 

Your blessings activate when my heart finally understands
How deep and wide Your love truly is
I find peace in You 
Your love compels me to attain so much more to be like You 
My ultimate goal is to be more like You each day 
To think like You
To act like You do
I will spend my time 
grinding for this one desire  

I’m leveling up
I won’t be the same person from yesterday 
I’m staking my ground 
I’m growing in all areas
I won’t back down
I’m determined to win my heart

I will win my heart 
I will convince my heart that Your love is true
I won’t back down
I’m leveling up

I will conquer my heart
I’m leveling up 
I will conquer my heart
I will win 
I will win
I will win
I won’t back down
I’m leveling up

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