My Universe

The cosmos tell the story 
They exemplify how it all came to be
The magnificence and beauty created by a Masterful Artisan

The stars twinkle and the comets fly across the brilliant night sky
That You created just for us to enjoy
Your love is evident in all of creation

It’s written in all of space
The grace and mercy of our Majestic King
His love permeates all existence
No matter where You are His love will find You

You’re the Center of my galaxy
You hold me together when life tries to tear me apart
Without You I’m dust and debris scattered about without a care

You’re the Sun in my solar system
The warmth of Your light reveals Your goodness
The Gravity of Your love pulls me in 
It guides me along the orbit You created for me

The immense force of Your love has taken hold of me
You keep me grounded when this life tries to carry me away
I’m forever Yours I could never escape this powerful love

All my plans and desires I give it all to You
Take me and form me into Your perfect planet
I’ll be the moon to Your Sun and shine Your light for everyone
My entire world revolves around You
You’re my Universe

Your love is deeper than any black hole
It’s more powerful than any supernova
It’s more real than anything

You’re my Universe

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