Never Too Far

As you lie wide awake at night 
Do you feel like something is missing
Your mind wanders and dreams
But you don’t know what to do

Do you ever feel like you’re stuck in a replay
Each day is always the same
Do you ever feel like you’re going backwards while time marches forward

I have good news!
It’s not too late for you
God can get you back on track

You’re never too far away for Him to reach you
You’re never too far gone that He won’t accept you 
You’re never out of His sight or out of His mind, He’s thinking of new ways to bless you
So turn around and walk right into His arms
You’re never too far…

Love that calms the storm
Love that turns deserts into paradise
Love that extends beyond the furthest star

Love that heals the sick
Love that casts demons out
Love that conquered death

Love that feeds the hungry 
Love that cares for the needy
Love that doesn’t abandon anyone

Love that knows your name

How can you believe that He won’t care for you?

Nothing can separate us x3
From Your Love x3

Nothing can ever separate us from His love

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