Oh What Love

Born in a manger
What a simple beginning
The Prince of Peace
Sun of God
Light of the World
Bright and Shining Star
The glorious outpouring of the Father’s love
Incarnate essence of our Almighty God
Jesus Christ Savior
Now here on Earth!
Oh what love!
He gave up eternity for you.
Oh what love!
Came down to pull us out of darkness and carry us into light.
Oh what love!
Christ Jesus bore our sins on the cross and took the stripes for our healing.
Oh what love!
But that was not the end of this story for He arose from the grave! He conquered death, gave us life and forever we’ll reign with Him!
Oh what love!
He sent us the Comforter to proclaim His life.
Oh what love!
He’s coming back some day soon to take us home. Until that day I’ll praise His  name and tell everyone of His love.
Oh what Love!
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