Savior of the World

What Child is this? Exclaimed the teachers 
As Jesus was asking questions beyond His years
His parents ever worried that their son was gone
They found Him in the temple, doing His Father’s work
Preparing His heart to minister to the masses

Full of wisdom and power!
He spoke the Word with authority
The teachers of the age did not know what to think
Signs and wonders followed wherever He went
The crowds came out just to see His face
The mercy of His amazing grace

Jesus called them out and gave them the Holy Spirit
He sent them out 2 by 2, soldiers prepared for war
They turned the surrounding towns upside down 
The enemy was fleeing fast and getting desperate
Judas the betrayer, planned to cash in

In the upper room, Jesus took the bread
He broke it and blessed it as a sign of impending events
He took the wine and poured it the start of a new covenant
He led them to the mount of Olives, His time had come
Jesus the Son of God, was captured that night

Condemned for crimes He did not commit
Pilate was adamant
Fully innocent and pure the sentence did not match the Man
Yet it was all a part of the Father’s plan
Jesus crucified, rose again, alive forever more
He invites us into His family, come become anew
We have a new life, part of the divine bloodline

Seated in Heaven Jesus’ work is done
His power and authority now part of our destiny
It’s up to us to spread the Gospel
The Holy Spirit confirms the Word 
Miracles follow those who faithfully believe
His love brought us in and His love will draw them out
We’ll win as many as we can, everyone needs love
Jesus Savior of the World, we live to bring glory to Your name 

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