The Greatest Gift

The Eternal Word
Packaged in a precious vessel of life
Wrapped with love and compassion
Surrounded by a ribbon of forgiveness
Sprinkled with glittering tender mercies

The from tag says: Your Heavenly Father
The to tag says: for the world

Delivered on that faithful day
The Greatest Gift of all

Kings bow down in His presence
Shepherds wonder with awe
Choirs of angels announce His arrival
Our Perfect Savior is here!

The Heavens quake with resounding joy
The stars break out in dancing
The earth sings a harmonious melody
The Creator of All has come!

Jesus Christ
Our Lord
Sleeping in a manger
He will destroy the darkness
He is Light to the world
Salvation is near
Believe on Him

The Son of Man
Came down from Heaven
To save lost souls
And to heal our hurts
Emmanuel forever with us
Eternal life to those that believe

The Greatest Gift for all

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