The Perfect Lamb

The Word went forth
A spiritual supernova
The Heavens could not contain their joy
The angels could not stay silent
A star is born
The Savior of the World has come
God’s plan coming to light
To restore what Man had lost
Jesus Christ the perfect Lamb
Gave it all to give us all
Let us not forget the sacrifice that Jesus bore
God with us, Emmanuel, willing to lay His life down
His blood a drink offering, poured out for our salvation
His stripes a love offering, to heal our hurts
His resurrection the power of God in those who believe
Jesus, we are thankful for Your life
We glorify You in all we do
We surrender our lives to You
We raise our hands to the skies
We relinquish our hearts to You
We give You all our praise
We live to worship You
Thank You for the blood, it has made us new
Thank You for your stripes, they have restored us
Thank You for Your life, unto those who believe, it is everything
He loves like no other
Closer than a brother
Jesus our merciful Savior
No flaw could be found
No accusation could condemn
The Perfect Lamb, the Sovereign I Am
No man could kill the Spirit of the living God
King of kings and Lord of lords
He lives forever, He reigns eternally
The Perfect Lamb, the Perfect Lamb
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