This Temple

You tore down my old self
Jesus Christ, Rock of Ages
You became my foundation
Now I know what to do
I’ll build upon Your every Word

Brick by brick, I’ll build this temple
With Your faith it’ll hold   together
Every floor laid with Your love
Each story overflowing with goodness
Lit up by Your radiant glory

This temple glorifies Your Name
This temple lives life to Your Honor
I’ll be a temple of righteousness
Cause it’s not I any longer, but You in me
What a peculiar mystery, Jesus living in me
But I know it’s true, I know the truth, it’s You in me
This temple could never be, could never do, anything without You  

It’s You living in this temple
This temple, is all Yours
This temple, belongs to You

Have Your way, have Your way, Oh Lord have Your way
This temple is Yours to lead (x2)

It’s You living in this temple, 
This temple, this temple

This temple is Yours

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