I’m not copacetic
I need to get something 
Off of my chest 
I’m tired of all the lies
I’m sick of all the hate
But I won’t back down 
I know what I’ve found 
I won’t apologize 
When I know that I’m right 
I won’t be sorry 
When I shatter your reality 

The truth is alive
You can’t shut it up 
The rocks will cry aloud 
The seas will shout
The ground will crumble
And mountains will tumble 
I can’t keep this Word to myself
It’s a blazing inferno inside of me
I got to let them know
I can’t be lax or lazy
Heaven is real 
Hell ain’t no joke

I can’t stand by 
And watch the world die
Not when I’m called to be salt
Not when I’m able to be light 
I will take this fight 
To the gates of hell
I won’t be intimidated
For greater is He that is in me

I won’t compromise truth
Trumpeting goodness and peace
I’m a vessel filled with life 
I’m overflowing with grace
Springs of spirit flow out of me 
My presence changes atmospheres
Strongholds fall down
Shackles disintegrate 
Freedom is Jesus and He’s with me

Will you join with me
To live in love 
and to be love
To a planet so desperate for hope
Let’s unite together
Ignore our differences
Focus on who we are 
Children of the Almighty
Joint rulers with Christ our Lord
Chosen to be love to the lost
Let us find every precious soul
And be Jesus to each of them

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