With You Now

I look to You
Rock of my Salvation
I trust You
Light in my darkness
I believe You
Peace in my storm 

No wall too tall
No obstacle too strong 
No wind too great
No wave too big
No fire too hot
No water too deep
His deliverance is assured
He’s always right on time
Hold on to your faith
Your Rescuer is with you today
He won’t let you drown
He won’t let you burn
He has victory for you
He will see you through 
Don’t worry when things look bleak
Your living Hope 
Jesus is with you now

He can’t fail
He won’t let you down
Victory is His Name
Call on Jesus
Cling to Jesus 
Trust Jesus
Believe Jesus
He’s with You even now

When you can’t hear because the thunder is too loud 
And when you can’t see because the waves obscure your vision 
And when darkness hides all the light 
It’s not over 
Jesus is with you then 
And He’s with you now
He’ll never leave your side 
Trust Jesus 
Believe Jesus
He’s with You now 

He’s with You now 
He’s with You now 

Jesus is with you now 



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