You Amaze Me

My mind is fixed is on Your Word
No other thought allowed  
I won’t stop thinking about You
You amaze me

You’re taking me on a journey 
Of love, truth and obedience 
I’m following the path that You carved out for me
You amaze me

You’ve sent many people to help me along the way
And for me to help as well
It’s a joy to be Jesus to others 
You amaze me

My future is peace  
Plans of goodness abound
You delight in blessing me
You amaze me 

You love me so much better than anyone else
You take great care of me I have no needs to speak of
My desires Lord are Yours to mold 
I trust You with all my soul 

You amaze me 
With how well You love
You amaze me
With how much You care
You amaze me
With new mercies everyday 
You amaze me
With blessings and suddenly’s

You are simply amazing
You are simply amazing 
You are amazing
My God 

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