Effective Meditation on the Word of God

I’ve discovered an effective way to learn and meditate on Bible verses throughout the day.
1: Find the verse you want to learn.
2: Make a new reminder in your phone. Set the topic to the scripture reference and put the verse contents in the description.
3: Set it to repeat everyday at the same time.
4: When you finally have learned it (takes about 2 weeks for me) you can replace it with another one. I also have a review reminder, that has all the references I’ve learned so I continually renew my mind but that’s optional.
5: You can add as many reminders as you want. I have them spread apart an hour.
*I’m using an Apple phone but I’m sure Android has a similar feature.
It’s been really helping me. I don’t know why I didn’t do this sooner 😂. As I’ve meditated on the scriptures I’ve noticed a change in my boldness and confidence in the Lord. It’s remarkable how what I’m meditating on is affecting my actions and changing the way I think.
If you need help in learning scriptures and / or making them revelation to your heart I highly recommend this method.
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