It can take light from the stars 100’s of years to reach us, meaning that we’re actually observing the star as it was that many years ago. If one was to go supernova we wouldn’t know until the light from the explosion reaches us. So from where we are standing it looks like nothing has changed. However because of how far it is, it could have underwent major changes. If you didn’t know it was far, you’d think nothing is happening. We are watching what already happened in the past.
Let’s compare to Jesus. From where we are standing we look back at what His finished work did for us. We can look back and see healing, prosperity, and wisdom has been released. We can see it already done. It happened so far in the past but we can see it’s effects now. How long it takes your heart to believe determines when it is received by you.
Light years – how far something has traveled at the speed of light in a year.
Word years – how far the Word of God has penetrated into your heart.
How many Word years will it take for you to receive it? That’s dependent on your relationship with God. The more you spend time in the Word and treasure His presence over the things of the world, you’ll start to change. Your mind will be renewed to His will and you’ll experience life anew. It’s true you have to put some work into a relationship. You have to choose to spend time with that individual. You have to choose to get to know their likes and dislikes. Your heart is not fooled, you won’t trust someone you don’t know. You can pretend as much as you want, you’re only lying to yourself. If you take time to pray in the spirit, read and study the Bible, and converse with God, you will experience transformation. It’s impossible not to.
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