Already Won

Already Won

Praise the Lord all ye people! God is so good! We talked about His faithfulness. We sang about victory already being ours. We heard a beautiful word from the Lord encouraging us to speak His words. Listen and be blessed and if you can, interact with us on the livestream every Friday at noon EST …

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Because… MY JESUS

Because my Jesus

Welcome to the 2nd season of Praise Without Ceasing! This session was full of spontaneous praise and new music. It was a joyful time! Listen, worship along, and be blessed! Songs played or attempted 😉 Raise a Hallelujah (Bethel) Defender (UPPERROOM) Because My Jesus (Me) Drawn to You (Me)

Swing Your Sword

Swing Your Sword

Your words are your sword. The Greek word for sword is, “distomos.” The base of that word is, “stoma,” which means, “mouth.”   The words you speak are you swinging the Sword of God. To be a good swordsman you must train. You need to learn to swing your sword. It takes many years of diligent …

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When something appreciates: it grows in value. When you appreciate God for all His goodness towards you; He becomes more valuable to you. You will trust Him more. You will believe His Word more strongly. You will hear His voice more clearly. You will receive from Him easier. It all flows from appreciation or in …

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No Other Name

No Other Name

Well besides the new soundboard setup having trouble, the worship was fun and powerful. The theme was all about the Name of Jesus. How He is above all things and calls us by His Name. We’re reigning in victory with Him! I will certainly have the audio fixed for next week’s session.

Who Are You Listening to?

You’ll listen to whatever is loudest. Whose voice is louder? The world’s or the Word’s? Does your body speak louder than the words of God? Does your heart speak louder than the words of God? Do your relationships speak louder than the words of God? Do your finances speak louder than the words of God? Do the circumstances speak louder than …

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Satan is a Worm

I believe Satan is a worm. What do you think? -Blind: prideful, won’t accept truth -Eat dirt: dirt is where seed is planted, there are harmful worms that will destroy plant roots, “If nematodes are feeding on the roots, a plant may look yellowed, wilted, or stunted and infected food crops will usually yield poorly.” …

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