Unity is powerful! One person puts 1000 to flight but two people in unity put 10000 to flight! There’s a multiplicative effect when in unity: good or bad. Jesus mentioned that If two or more are gathered together that He is there in the midst and what they shall pray for shall come to pass. …

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Free Gift

Free Gift

You can’t earn a free gift. Grace was purchased with Jesus’ blood but He did it of His freewill. He worked exceedingly hard so we wouldn’t have to. In fact, He was the only One who could have fulfilled the law. Because He fulfilled the law, death could have no grip on Him. His right was …

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It’s scientifically proven that shouting increases your strength by 7%! Words are vibrations injected into the atmosphere. They can affect the body and the environment. Shouting amplifies what you believe in your heart. It reinforces the power of your thoughts. Shout unto God with a voice of triumph! Shout unto Him with praise! Shout to …

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God Doesn’t Neglect

God doesn’t neglect His children. It’s a crime to neglect your children. Look at how evil the word, “neglect,” really is. Neglect —verb 1. to pay no attention or too little attention to; disregard or slight – We can boldly enter the throne room and receive grace. We have a relationship with God that’s personal …

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