Signs and Wonders Follow

Signs and Wonders Follow

Signs and wonders follow those who believe. Truth sets people free. When condemnation and sin-consciousness are broken, people can let healing flow into them. When we preach truth (Jesus), He confirms His Word. Jesus is the Word. Jesus healed all who were oppressed by Satan, so we should expect to see healing manifest when the

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All we see was created by God’s Word. It was imagined in His infinitely creative mind before being spoken. Everything and how it works was designed by Him first. We live a love-crafted existence. He intentionally spoke things into being as they are. He designed everything in perfection. Since God created all the good we

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Proclaiming is speaking boldly. The prefix pro‘s definition mentions, forward, forth, beforehand, in advance, taking care of, in place of, on behalf of, and in exchange for. To claim something is to assert that one has gained or achieved. Another definition states to formally request or demand. We are to proclaim the promises of God.

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The humble are introspective. They examine every little thing they do. They check the motive of every action they take. They realize their shortcomings more so than others. They realize they need Jesus to live through them. They value what Jesus has said over what they think. They wonder how they are received. They are

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