Your Sabbath Rest

Your Sabbath Rest

Defiling the Sabbath: not resting in Jesus. -Not putting your faith in Him -Not waiting on Him -Trying to do without His help -Not thinking about the right things -Speaking the wrong things Rest is a position of authority. A king, “rests,” on their throne and gives declarations and orders to their people. Through grace, …

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Three Nails

Three Nails

Nails are strong, sturdy, sharp. They are permanent fixtures in many objects. They can be made of varying metals and sizes. Jesus’ body was pierced by three nails. These nails stood for the three temptations that Jesus had conquered. The lust of the eye, pride of life, and the deceitfulness of riches. Jesus was hung on the …

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You can see goodness. Goodness is the manifestation of the promises of God. When you receive your healing: that’s goodness. When you receive an unexpected financial contribution: that’s goodness. When you receive an incredible opportunity: that’s goodness. When you receive direction from Holy Spirit: that’s goodness. Goodness can be experienced. Goodness is the tangible physical …

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No Longer a Junker

Before Christ we were an old junker. In Christ, He took His time restoring us. He buffed out our scratches (care). Replaced our broken parts (healed us). Gave us a new windshield and mirrors (better visibility). Changed our tires (stability). He upgraded our engine (heart). Calibrated our transmission (good thoughts), and changed our oil (anointing). …

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