Psalms 31:24

Psalms 31:24

Psalm 31:24 NET – Be strong and confident, all you who wait on the LORD! Join us on Facebook or YouTube at 9am next Monday for our next session. Blessings to you! If you are blessed by this message consider sowing into our ministry.


Proclaiming is speaking boldly. The prefix pro‘s definition mentions, forward, forth, beforehand, in advance, taking care of, in place of, on behalf of, and in exchange for. To claim something is to assert that one has gained or achieved. Another definition states to formally request or demand. We are to proclaim the promises of God. …

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No Longer a Junker

Before Christ we were an old junker. In Christ, He took His time restoring us. He buffed out our scratches (care). Replaced our broken parts (healed us). Gave us a new windshield and mirrors (better visibility). Changed our tires (stability). He upgraded our engine (heart). Calibrated our transmission (good thoughts), and changed our oil (anointing). …

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