Designed for Success

If you are getting frustrated with something then you are trying to do it in your own strength. You aren’t exhibiting the fruit of Holy Spirit. Frustration is the opposite of peace. Jesus has set us up for success. We have all the tools we need in Him. We have wisdom, understanding and knowledge with …

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Even when preached from an impure source, the Gospel is still powerful. We’ve all heard the history of preachers falling from grace. But all the work they did until that happened was still good. Christ was preached. People were healed and set free. People accepted Jesus into their lives. It’s not a good thing what …

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Cleansing of Lepers

Have you ever thought, why did Jesus single them out? Was it because this represents people ostracized in society? Surely leprosy is considered a sickness so we can’t consider it a redundancy; Jesus always spoke with intention and purpose. I believe this is referring to freedom. Lepers were completely ignored by society: cast off into …

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