Because… MY JESUS

Because my Jesus

Welcome to the 2nd season of Praise Without Ceasing! This session was full of spontaneous praise and new music. It was a joyful time! Listen, worship along, and be blessed! Songs played or attempted 😉 Raise a Hallelujah (Bethel) Defender (UPPERROOM) Because My Jesus (Me) Drawn to You (Me)

No Separation

No Separation

Nothing can separate us from the love of God! Jesus’ presence was soothing and peaceful. I played keyboard and shared a new song named, “I Hear You.” Love was the theme of the session. Listen, worship along, and be blessed!

Your Sabbath Rest

Your Sabbath Rest

Defiling the Sabbath: not resting in Jesus. -Not putting your faith in Him -Not waiting on Him -Trying to do without His help -Not thinking about the right things -Speaking the wrong things Rest is a position of authority. A king, “rests,” on their throne and gives declarations and orders to their people. Through grace, …

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Untie Your Faith

Untie Your Faith

What is your faith tied to? -Fear will hold it back -Doubt will hold it back -Unbelief will hold it back Untie your faith today! Let it flourish in the freedom and liberty of Jesus. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. He dwells in your temple! There is no limit how …

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Free & Light

Free and Light

Jesus is Light and He is Freedom! Our session was full of spontaneous praise, encouragement, the presence of God, liberty and joy! We touched on being the light of the world and having freedom in Christ. Listen, worship along, and be blessed!

Mighty River

Mighty River

What an awesome time of praise and worship! The presence was so thick I had trouble standing up halfway through . I shared a new original song that went well called Mighty River. Lots of healing words and exhortation went forth. Listen, worship along, and be blessed!

Cleansing of Lepers

Have you ever thought, why did Jesus single them out? Was it because this represents people ostracized in society? Surely leprosy is considered a sickness so we can’t consider it a redundancy; Jesus always spoke with intention and purpose. I believe this is referring to freedom. Lepers were completely ignored by society: cast off into …

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A Free Gift

You can’t earn a free gift! Grace was purchased with Jesus’ blood but He did it of His freewill. He worked exceedingly hard so we wouldn’t have to. In fact, He was the only One who could have fulfilled the law. Because He fulfilled the law, death could have no grip on Him. His right …

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I proclaim Your victory! I live in prosperity I am not a liability I was made for a purpose  I was called to be holy I am a Child of the King I won’t stand for lack I won’t accept failure Your love has conquered my fear I’m a soldier in the army More powerful …

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