How Great Thou Art

How Great Thou Art

We have a great God who is so much better than we can understand! Listen and be blessed and if you can, interact with us on the livestream every Friday at noon EST on our Praise Without Ceasing Facebook or YouTube pages! Song shared: How Great Thou Art If you were blessed by this message, consider sowing into our …

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My Resting Place

My Resting Place

Oh wow, Jesus was in full force tonight! There was a cool word about rain pouring out from Jesus’ throne. Freedom, healing, and salvation was proclaimed as we received in Jesus presence! Listen, worship Jesus for His faithfulness, and be blessed! Songs played or attempted 😉 Your Love Awakens Me (Phil Wickham) Safe (Victory Worship) …

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Most Joyous Time

It’s the most joyous time of the year (says the world), but for us, everyday is full of joy! We have been given an incredible gift in Jesus. We know around this time of the year, the world is more open to hearing about Him. Gifting is a big part of outreach. When you give …

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Free Gift

Free Gift

You can’t earn a free gift. Grace was purchased with Jesus’ blood but He did it of His freewill. He worked exceedingly hard so we wouldn’t have to. In fact, He was the only One who could have fulfilled the law. Because He fulfilled the law, death could have no grip on Him. His right was …

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Raise Your Hope

Jesus is Your hope. Lift Him up! Praise Him! Exalt Jesus and magnify Him! He is Your hope! Jesus Christ is the manifestation of all the promises of God. He is provision, wisdom, redemption, restoration, righteousness, faithfulness, goodness, joy, peace, and love! He fulfilled the law and traded all the curses for all the blessings: …

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Gentle as a summer breeze Pushed away by a little sneeze Round and filled with hope Could even be made out of soap Breath of God in airy form Can escape any storm Promises of God made manifest Can be seen close to your chest Rise up high into the sky Never looking down or …

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Just wrote a new poem! I was thinking how when God talked with Abraham He told him to look above to see the stars and look down to see the grains of sand. And it got me thinking God just covered everything above and everything below. So no matter where Abraham would look (they were …

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