Treasure Hunter

The thrill of the hunt I have Your treasure map I won’t stop until it’s mine You’ve left so many traces for me to find I’ve become an expert at detecting Your clues I’ll keep digging and searching until I see that familiar glint of treasure I’ve grown to enjoy Every discovery is stored in

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Even when preached from an impure source, the Gospel is still powerful. We’ve all heard the history of preachers falling from grace. But all the work they did until that happened was still good. Christ was preached. People were healed and set free. People accepted Jesus into their lives. It’s not a good thing what

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Satan is a Worm

I believe Satan is a worm. What do you think? -Blind: prideful, won’t accept truth -Eat dirt: dirt is where seed is planted, there are harmful worms that will destroy plant roots, “If nematodes are feeding on the roots, a plant may look yellowed, wilted, or stunted and infected food crops will usually yield poorly.”

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