Son Tan

Son Tan

Jesus is the Son of righteousness. He is the Light of the World. If you stay out in the sun you get a tan. How much more do we get tanned in Jesus? The closer you get to Him the more you change. The more of His presence transforms you. There will be a noticeable glow on

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Treasure Hunter

The thrill of the hunt I have Your treasure map I won’t stop until it’s mine You’ve left so many traces for me to find I’ve become an expert at detecting Your clues I’ll keep digging and searching until I see that familiar glint of treasure I’ve grown to enjoy Every discovery is stored in

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Fear or Wisdom?

Some people mistake fear for wisdom. There’s a big difference between the two. When you operate in wisdom: you’ll have peace. When you operate in fear: peace shall be far from you. Don’t let someone else dictate what you believe. Don’t let fear have a grip on you. Because Satan will take hold of that

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