It is Well

It is Well

Enjoyed every second of praise in this session! God’s presence was so overwhelming. Many songs, encouragement about wells and paths, and prayer went forth all to the glory of Jesus Christ! Listen, worship along, and be blessed!

God Loves Your Voice

God Loves Your Voice

God loves the sound of your voice. God wants to hear your voice. Praying to Him means communicating with Him. It is never a waste of time! It’s about your heart’s response. Not communicating is a type of punishment. Shunning and ex-communicating are well-known forms of punishment. Thinking that someone doesn’t care to hear you, acknowledge you, or …

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You’re An Answer to Prayer

Know you are an answer to prayer wherever you go. Someone needs the encouraging words you have. Another person needs the prayer you’ll say for them. Yet one more needs the love you’ll show them. You are equipped to be a blessing wherever you go!

Your Shield of Faith Protects More Than Yourself

Roman Shield: Scutum

When Paul was writing about the armor of God, the shield that was widely used was called the, “scutum.” It was a large rectangular shield. It was primarily made of wood, a leather covering and a bit of cloth lining. The Roman army was a fearsome foe. They deployed their men in groups. They would …

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