You can see goodness. Goodness is the manifestation of the promises of God. When you receive your healing: that’s goodness. When you receive an unexpected financial contribution: that’s goodness. When you receive an incredible opportunity: that’s goodness. When you receive direction from Holy Spirit: that’s goodness. Goodness can be experienced. Goodness is the tangible physical

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Raise Your Hope

Jesus is Your hope. Lift Him up! Praise Him! Exalt Jesus and magnify Him! He is Your hope! Jesus Christ is the manifestation of all the promises of God. He is provision, wisdom, redemption, restoration, righteousness, faithfulness, goodness, joy, peace, and love! He fulfilled the law and traded all the curses for all the blessings:

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Proclaiming is speaking boldly. The prefix pro‘s definition mentions, forward, forth, beforehand, in advance, taking care of, in place of, on behalf of, and in exchange for. To claim something is to assert that one has gained or achieved. Another definition states to formally request or demand. We are to proclaim the promises of God.

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I’m an open vessel I hear the abundance of rain I’ll receive as much as I can This is just a small portion Much more is available I’m already overflowing Your goodness is relentless Your love is boundless Your promises flood me I must share so I can receive more I pour out what You’ve

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Invest Your Time

You’ll make time for the things you care about. Time is our most precious resource. Invest your time in the Lord. You’ll get more back than compound interest. You’ll receive life and peace in greater measure. His promises will become alive in you. Your heart will become entwined with His. You’ll look forward to your

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