Signs and Wonders Follow

Signs and Wonders Follow

Signs and wonders follow those who believe. Truth sets people free. When condemnation and sin-consciousness are broken, people can let healing flow into them. When we preach truth (Jesus), He confirms His Word. Jesus is the Word. Jesus healed all who were oppressed by Satan, so we should expect to see healing manifest when the …

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Power in His Word

Power in His Word

The power of Christ was so prevalent! He ministered to hearts with word pictures and the songs He chose. Much encouragement and worship was spoken. Prayers of authority went forth. There was a cool word about Jesus the Carpenter. Another about Jesus the Cornerstone. Listen, worship along, and be blessed!


When something appreciates: it grows in value. When you appreciate God for all His goodness towards you; He becomes more valuable to you. You will trust Him more. You will believe His Word more strongly. You will hear His voice more clearly. You will receive from Him easier. It all flows from appreciation or in …

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I’m an open vessel I hear the abundance of rain I’ll receive as much as I can This is just a small portion Much more is available I’m already overflowing Your goodness is relentless Your love is boundless Your promises flood me I must share so I can receive more I pour out what You’ve …

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In the Garden of Eden, water would spring forth from underground to water the plants and trees. It was perfect as God intended. There was no waiting for rain. Everything needed was provided. When man fell and after the flood, they had to now get used to rain. Rain was now required and only came …

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