God Loves Through Dreams

Very cool testimony! All praise to Jesus! I had a dream last night about a fellow sister-in-Christ I had not seen in over a year. They were dealing with a painful nerve condition that had them frozen and shaking in pain. There are more circumstances than I’m mentioning here but I ended up commanding the life of Christ into their body and told them they would be healed afterwards. In the dream, they received their healing and were ecstatic. I don’t remember too much after that. The presence of God was immense.

I messaged them on Facebook and told them what happened. We scheduled a phone call to talk about it. I found out they had been dealing with stress-related pain in their neck that was making it feel as “hard as steel,” in their words. After they read what I sent them, they received the life of Christ and felt that the muscles in the neck, “were soft as putty,” in their words. They were grateful that I reached out to them. They also believe that what was happening in the dream was what Satan was trying to do to them but Holy Spirit short-circuited his plan.

This was a reminder of how we are the Body of Christ. We are always connected in the spirit. When one of us hurts, we all hurt. God greatly desires us to walk in health, so much so that He’ll send messages to others (maybe even people we’ve yet met) that can deliver His packages of love full of healing, peace, and joy. Praise the Lord!

Dreams are an exciting way God can interact with us and how we can interact with each other. I read a great resource from Darren Canning Ministries about dreams and how God can do remarkable things in them.

When God shows you something in a dream, it could be for someone else. I prefaced everything I told her with, if this doesn’t make sense then don’t worry about it. We are error-prone creatures. We aren’t perfect but God wants us to walk by faith not by our natural sense. I almost talked myself out of saying anything! My mind was saying it would be weird, crazy or inappropriate to mention it. I decided that I would follow peace and the peace led me to contact her.

The heart of this testimony is to be available and to share! Praise God for His wonderful love for His children!

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