There are people, who no matter how much they are blessed by God or others won’t say thank you. I wondered why and seeked the Lord about it. I believe what He revealed to me was that unthankfulness is pride.
These people see no reason to say thanks. They deserve the treatment they get because of who they are or what they have done (I.E. status). They did everything themself so why do you or God deserve their thanks? That’s like admitting defeat because they needed help and someone provided it. Pride never asks for help.
On the other side, there are others because of how life has abused them won’t say thanks because they don’t believe others want to help. They believe there’s an ulterior motive to every action. By saying thanks it’s like believing that others want to help and that’s something they won’t accept. Pride makes people believe no one else cares and they have to take care of themself.
Then there are others who believe everyone owes them something. Either by unfairness they’ve been treated to or the way they were raised. They are going to get what is owed to them. Instead of saying thanks they are more likely to say it’s about time. Pride arrogantly believes that others owe them.
Don’t be in pride. Thank others and thank God for every little thing. Thankfulness will activate your faith. Thankfulness will lead you to overcome any obstacle that dares to block your path. Be thankful!
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