Road Trip!

Road Trip

Lanes are an important distinction in the road. They are the common rules that organize how we are to drive our vehicles. Without them, driving would be unsafe because no one would know what to do. Our God is an organizer.

Each of us are in different parts of our road trip. There are all kinds of different vehicles on the road all at different levels of experience and driving skill. Some are nearing their final destination, others are making gas stops, some are getting groceries, some are getting maintenance, soe are broken-down along the side of the road, others are going much slower than the speed limit posted, and some are breaking the speed barriers.

Jesus meets us where we are. He wants us to trust Him. Our God helps us wherever we are. We don’t want to speed up and miss the turns He needs us to take. We don’t want to be so slow that we become an obstacle for others in the road. We don’t want to push our vehicles too hard and run them into the ground. We want to follow His directions perfectly. Praise the Lord! He gives us direction!

We must take care of our vehicle. Frequent maintenance is required to make sure you can get to the destination He wants you to. Jesus is our Mechanic. He’ll have us stop in for tune-ups. There are minor adjustments only a mechanic can make. He’ll also do big repair jobs. Engine replacement, new transmission, paint job, body work, upgrades, and anything else related to our vehicle. He heals us so we can do His work. We have to surrender ourselves to Him to let Him work in us.

The best thing about all these things… His work is free! He never asks us for payment. He knows we could never have afforded it. He loves us. His love takes care of every need. Hallelujah! Let Him help you on your road trip!

“Jesus, thank You for being with me. Thank You, for guiding me along the road You want me to travel. Thank You, for directing me with the Spirit of Truth. You are my Road Map, my GPS, and my Mechanic. Lord, thank You for repairing my vehicle to the utmost. I will get to the destination You have set for me, complete, whole, and functioning efficiently. In Jesus’ name. Amen.”

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