Designed for Success

If you are getting frustrated with something then you are trying to do it in your own strength. You aren’t exhibiting the fruit of Holy Spirit. Frustration is the opposite of peace.
Jesus has set us up for success. We have all the tools we need in Him. We have wisdom, understanding and knowledge with the mind of Christ. If we are failing or not succeeding then we have made choices that contradict what He has for us. We have chosen failure over success.
What choices are you making? Don’t let condemnation in, learn where you are failing and repent; change your mind. Don’t make the same mistakes otherwise you can encounter negative thoughts and the devil will use everything he can to accuse and condemn you. Don’t allow him to do that.
Don’t dwell on the failures: dwell on the future successes. Expect good not bad, don’t think that you are a failure, the choices you’ve made don’t affect the makeup of who you are. You are not what you have done. You are in Christ: a new creation. That’s your identity so you cannot identify with anything else. Jesus is more than a conqueror, leads us into all victory and He has creative ideas for you. He doesn’t give up on us so we shouldn’t give up either! You are designed for success!
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