I proclaim Your victory!
I live in prosperity
I am not a liability

I was made for a purpose 
I was called to be holy
I am a Child of the King

I won’t stand for lack
I won’t accept failure
Your love has conquered my fear

I’m a soldier in the army
More powerful than any demon
Stronger than anything else in the world 

Through Jesus I can do all things
With His armor I can go on the attack
and I won’t leave without my spoils

Satan, You thought you had me down
You thought I was bound up
You tried to make my life hell on earth

But Jesus broke every single chain
He set me free with powerful grace
And now I will stand with Him 
In victory 

Your kingdom has fallen
Your stolen riches have been returned to their rightful owners
Your authority has been ripped away 

Jesus You’re overwhelming victory 
You routed the enemy
You destroyed darkness and death 

Jesus ruler of Heaven and Earth
Your name is forever etched in our hearts and imprinted on our heads
We are Your precious brothers and sisters

You’ve given gifts to all mankind
Grace, truth and love in unlimited measure 
For You are Victory

We proclaim Victory
We live in Victory
Satan can’t touch us
Because we have won
We proclaim victory
We live in Victory
Nothing has been held back
All you can want Jesus has provided 

We proclaim Victory
We live in Victory
Salvation is here for you
Accept with open hands life anew

We proclaim Victory
We live in Victory
Nothing can ever separate us
We can’t be snatched out of Your hand 

We proclaim Victory
We live in Victory
Rest in His grace 
Find peace in His love

For Victory lives in me
Victory lives in me
You live in me
You live in me

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