The Time of Convergence

The 4 winds are coming together
A great unification is occurring in the Earth
The forces of evil are becoming as one
And so is my church
The battle lines are clearly drawn
Anyone not ready to war will be put on the sidelines
I have no time for uncommitted soldiers
My great army is forming together
My battle plans have been sent to My commanders
Satan’s army is picking up steam
Arrogantly and pridefully he’s going to try to battle with the Lord of Hosts one last time
He’ll be thoroughly defeated as My Church follows My lead and listens to My commanders
The time of unification is quickening
Be ready to take a stand

Ezekiel 37:9 (NLT)
Then he said to me, “Speak a prophetic message to the winds, son of man. Speak a prophetic message and say, ‘This is what the Sovereign LORD says: Come, O breath, from the four winds! Breathe into these dead bodies so they may live again.’”

Ezekiel 37:22 (NLT) I will unify them into one nation on the mountains of Israel. One king will rule them all; no longer will they be divided into two nations or into two kingdoms.

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